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Word of God and Catechesis

Catechetical Workshop and Conference

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Deacon Kevin Bezner – “Encountering the Word in the Domestic Church”
In this session, I will go over the material in Part Two, Section IV of Christ Our Pascha. I will focus on two subsections within Section IV — D. The Practice of Prayer and E. The Time and Place of Prayer. I will give practical recommendations for beginning or developing a prayer life for themselves or others (families, catechetical students). I will leave time to lead the group through a reflection on Psalm 103 from Vespers, a practice they can use personally or with their families or students. I also will leave time for questions.

Renata Harmaty – “Keeping God in your Domestic Church through Family Prayer.”
” Keeping family prayer going, using resources, staying creative, and always asking God to navigate.

Sr Ann Laszok – How do Encounter Christ in Icons ?