Today we remain committed to the elderly and our Ukrainian people. We have applied for a license in Assisted Living to meet the greater challenge of caring for the elderly in the state of New York and with the hope to care for the elderly as long as possible avoiding a nursing home environment. We have also committed ourselves to building on to our existing home to care for more elderly.

We have taken upon ourselves a seven million dollar project to expand St. Joseph’s Adult Care Home. We hope to add on 19 more private bedrooms with private bath, atrium, larger chapel and larger dining room, laundry, another nurse’s station, larger generator, enhanced security system and fire alarm system as well as other features.

Today we appeal to each of you and your parish family for any help you can give us. No amount of donation is too small to express your gift of love. We must care for the elderly for one day we too will be where they are today.

Please send your donations directly to”


St. Joseph’s Adult Care Home

PO 8-125 Sister Servants Lane

Sloatsburg, NY 10974-0008

Phone: 845-753-2555

Fax: 845-753-6910


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