On Sunday, September 22, the Ukrainian community in Parma celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of the Holy Spirit. Friends from prayer groups, parishioners from churches across Northeast Ohio, and church leaders celebrated in prayer, word, and song.

Bishop Bohdan Danylo of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saint Josaphat offered a welcome to the 200 plus people who gathered at the Astrodome of Parma for the dinner and reception. Father Volodymyr Hrytsiuk, the new rector of St. Josaphat Cathedral, and community member Orest Liscynesky shared stories of the brothers’ quiet, constant commitment to the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Through their ministry of prayer and example of living out the Gospel, they have touched the lives of many–visiting the sick, praying for the intentions of those in need, leading prayer groups, and providing a source of comfort in times of sorrow and joy in times of celebration to their fellow brothers and sisters.

As the afternoon neared a close, Brother Dale took the microphone. In his soft and thoughtful voice, he explained that the day’s gathering was one of thanksgiving for God’s gifts and his Gospel, rather than a day of celebration. Brother Dale encouraged everyone present to heed God’s call, for the path He’s chosen may be unexpected, as it had been for the founding of the Brothers of the Holy Spirit all those years ago.

Brother Dale invited everyone to listen closely to the words of “May You Walk”, a song written by Sarah Hart and performed on this day by soprano Julie Anna Gulenko. The music encourages all people to remember our vows as children of God and to always walk in the light of God.