The resources for Catechetical Sunday are now available:

You can find all the resources here, including:

  • A catechetical reflection on our theme, The Gift of Christ: Poured Out for the Life of the World
  • 8.5 x 11 flyers
  • Editable bulletin announcements for two weeks and one week prior to Catechetical Sunday, Catechetical Sunday itself, and the following Sunday
  • Prayer Cards for students (meant to be printed 8.5 x 11 front and back on the short edge)
  • Blessings for Students and Catechists
  • A Certificate of Commissioning for Catechists
  • Special Petitions for the Insistent Litany
  • A link to purchase teachers manuals and student texts of the God With Us Catechetical series
  • A link to the free online teacher’s manuals, which are available by chapter or as complete texts
  • Information on the 2022 Fall/ Winter curriculum for God With Us

Our God With Us Fall/Winter curriculum will launch on Wednesday, September 21st with a special webinar with Bishop Nicholas called Stewards of the Mysteries: The Great Calling of Every Christian. Please be sure to promote this together with Catechetical Sunday, it was planned to be tied in with our Catechetical Sunday theme.