This fall semester Manor College will be offering the following four courses:

TH 102 – Eastern Christian Theology (Part 1 of Christ Our Pascha) – Rev. Dr. Oleh Kindiy

TH 105 – Foundations of Eastern Christian Spirituality (Part 3 of COP) – Dr. Robert  Marko

CAT 102 – Pedagogy 1 – H.S. and Youth Ministry – Rev. Joseph Matlak

CAT 103 – Pedagogy ll – Children’s Ministry – Ms. Marie Nester


* Totally online for anyone in the English speaking world

* Based on Christ Our Pascha: The Catechism of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Low tuition plus scholarships – There is an 15% discount scholarship available for any 5 persons from the same Eparchy/Diocese enrolling in the same course.