My Dearly-Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
This year we celebrate the feast of the Theophany of our Lord in particular circumstances of open war, in the midst of unimaginable physical and psychological challenges for many of our faithful and fellow citizens. If your parish priest is able to personally visit your home with the Jordan water, allow me also to enter your hospitable home, embrace you warmly and impart on you my sincere blessing. If circumstances do not allow for such a traditional visit, I wish to reassure you that the Lord’s abundant blessing assuredly flows out onto those, who are open to divine grace.

In blessing your homes, we remember those who lost their home or were forced to abandon it because of the war. Enlightened by the feast that celebrates the revelation of the Holy Trinity in the Jordan river, we pray for those who pass nights without light, that they may see and sense that the Lord is close to them. Filled with the warmth of a joyful encounter with the feast, we
think of those who live without heat, and pray that the Holy Spirit might warm their hearts with His presence. And especially, we unite ourselves with those on the front lines, that our Lord might protect them and bless them with a glorious victory over evil.

Just as the Baptism in the river Jordan anointed our Lord for his sacred mission of salvation, may the Jordan blessing empower all of us to fulfill our mission in this world. May our
families be a hearth for growth in faith, holiness, love and service to neighbour. May our parents embrace their sacred responsibility to be icons of God’s love, joy and peace for this
children. May our youth not tire in their inspired determination to help those in need. May the Jordan water bring “to all who touch it and partake of it, sanctification, health, purification and blessing.”

I bless this home and all who live in it – in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.