On May 12, the annual meeting of the Patriarchal Commission on Clergy of the UGCC began. At the invitation of Father Luis Casiano, the four-day meeting of the Commission is taking place at the premises of the Ukrainian Pontifical College of the Holy Martyr Josaphat in Rome. The working meeting, focused on current issues and challenges in modern formation and spiritual support, commenced with a common Divine Liturgy.

The meeting commenced with the morning Divine Liturgy in the church of the college, led by Bishop Bohdan Danylo. During the sermon, he called on everyone to pray fervently for vocations in Ukraine and addressed the collegians: “Brothers, go and meet Christ. Humbly study all that the Church has called you to do, because soon you will have the opportunity to fulfill God’s service among the flock in need of good care.”

Bishop Bohdan emphasized that their prayers can open the hearts of future clergy of our Church, enabling them to joyfully embrace their vocation to serve in God’s vineyard.

During the first meeting, Rev. Bohdan Danylo, Chairman of the Commission on Clergy Affairs, welcomed all its members. He asked for updates on the current situation of each seminary during the war, the difficulties and challenges faced during the academic year 2023–2024, and preparations for the new admission campaign to the seminaries of the UGCC.