Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

As the warning bells of war have been exchanged for the explosions of a tyrannical aggressor, a call to arms has been raised throughout Ukraine. A call to defend its territorial integrity, to defend its people, its history, language, customs and honor.

While much of this work must, of necessity, be left in the hands of those in Ukraine, those of us in the United States are not without weapons of our own. Our most powerful weapon is our ability to pray. To pray for the successful defense of all that is good, right and holy. To pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people and nation. To ask the Most Holy Mother of God to intercede on their behalf, to drape her mantle (veil) over them, to show us once again that she is our protector as she has so often in the past.

We also have the ability to support those who become refugees due to the war. Many people have already been displaced through the 8 years of war that have enveloped eastern Ukraine. This full-scale invasion will lead to many, many more. Their needs will be many and diverse. Food, clothing and shelter are only the basics that will need to be met immediately. Medical assistance, now and in the future, will be needed. More permanent housing, jobs, education, documents and much more will be needed.

I am asking, therefore, each of our pastors to take up a collection aid our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine. All funds will be sent to Ukraine in a secure manner. In the meantime, please keep praying for true peace in Ukraine and for the safety of her people.


Tell the truth about the invasion

Contact your local representative and ask them to take action against Russia’s horrid attack on Ukraine. 

Humanitarian Help

Three ways you can donate:

  1. By pressing the button below and donate online
  2. Send the Check to Saint Josaphat Eparchy with the note “Humanitarian Help”
  3. Issue the check to Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy and mail it to:
  4. PO BOX 347180, Parma, OH 44147
  5. Donate in your local parish. Indicate “Humanitarian Help” on the check.

Adopted Statement on Allocation of Humanitarian Aid Assistance to Ukraine

100% of the funds donated to the humanitarian aid assistance fund of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in America, created by the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma, will go to support humanitarian aid organizations and suffering Church institutions in Ukraine.

The Catholic Church has a long history of serving war victims, the poor and refugees.  It is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the world, and in Ukraine, helping in this work.  On both the national level (for example, Caritas Ukraine) and the local level (for example, local diocesan Catholic charities), Catholic institutions are some of the most reliable and effective institutions in serving people in Ukraine, including Catholics and non-Catholics alike – all people in need.  The Church itself is also suffering grievous losses as priests, bishops, employees, families and others are injured, displaced and even killed.

The Ukrainian Catholic Church in America is firmly committed to transparency in the stewardship of these funds, and to ensuring that this assistance reaches those truly in need.  A list of the organizations that are assisted from the funds donated will be published as the funds are sent to Ukraine.