Originally, the first Sunday of the Great Fast was dedicated to the memory of the Holy Prophets of the Old Covenant. Therefore, in today’s Gospel, Philip tells Nathaniel, “We have found the one about whom Moses wrote in the Law, and also the prophets (John 1:45).” Today, however, we call this day the “Sunday of Or­tho­do­xy”. On March 11, 843 AD, the Empress Theodora made a so­lemn procession to celebrate the victory of orthodoxy (true faith) in the controversy over the writing, use and nature of holy icons. This became an annual feast shortly thereafter, and dis­placed the me­mory of the prophets. Historically, this feast has evolved to in­clude not only orthodoxy in respect to icons, but to the triumph of God’s revealed Truth over all heresies, false teachings, half-truths, etc.

Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession with Holy Icons