I found the experience truly humbling. Throughout the 3-week mission in Ukraine we were meeting people on a daily basis whose mission it is to help the needy whether through education or through providing the daily necessities to those in need of shelter and a variety of illnesses. In all of this it was possible to feel the hand of God guiding and supporting their efforts. It was a privilege to play a small part in this process and to join in the daily Liturgy and prayers which strengthened our resolve and understanding.

The Mission comprises individuals from all walks of life, leaving their home comforts and coming together to contribute their skills and willingness to help the needy. Coupled with this is the effort, before the Mission is even in the Ukraine, of publicizing the event and garnering support from those unable to physically be part of the Mission but who support it with their prayers and by donating. The common aim far surpasses the individual and results in blessings beyond our initial comprehension.

Many thanks to Sister Ann, the foundation and guiding light of the Mission, and to all fellow missionaries who shared their lives and their skills imparted by God. What a great time it was!

I have many fond memories: the sisters in the monasteries we stayed in being truly ‘sisterly’, the views of the countryside as we made our (bumpy) way to and from the institutions we were visiting (бузько бузько), the many beautiful churches we saw and the priests working so hard for their parish communities, the hopes and aspirations of the young people we met, the people whose lives are being turned around socially and physically through the efforts of those involved in the projects we visited …

As you know, Sister Ann, I for one received more than I gave. Through your help and willingness to divert (!), I managed to find members of my family that I truly believed were lost. It was truly a life-affirming experience which I am still processing. (Krystyna Cech, United Kingdom, 2019)