Great Fast Pastoral Message (En & UA)

“The light of Your grace has shone upon our souls, О Lord. Behold, this is the favorable time, the season of conversion. Let us turn away from the works of darkness, and let us clothe ourselves with the armor of light, so that crossing the ocean of the fast, we may come to the harbor of the resurrection on the third day with our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of our souls.”

Aposticha, Cheesefare Sunday Vespers

During the upcoming days of the Great Fast, it is an opportune time to examine ourselves, to see how we are progressing spiritually, and to beseech our Lord Jesus Christ for the special graces necessary for authentic Christian living.

In the Great Fast our purpose is to become more fully aware of our human condition. lt is true that we, through Baptism, have participated in Christ’s redemption and in spirit are wholly purified. Оn the other hand, it is also true that we are still living within the sphere of sinfulness, and that even the redeemed саn often fall. The Great Fast is crucial for us because it reminds us of the sense of sin which our contemporary society plays down.

The Great Fast calls for repentance. Repentance presumes sin, and sin requires а forgiving God. Our Lord set before us the model of repentance – the parable of the “Prodigal Son” (which rightly should bе labelled the “Loving Father”). Although the father in the story was always watching and waiting for the son’s return, nevertheless, the son had to make up his mind to move towards the father to bе reconciled. Our Church recommends prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as practical means for our spiritual move in the direction of our Father.

Therefore, we constantly seek God’s grace, but we must remember that God’s grace does not abolish the freedom of the human will, and therefore human weakness and sinfulness will constantly lead us away from God. And we саn return to God only bу prayer and doing penance. These activities form а bridge between our sinfulness and the forgiveness whereby God in His mercy comes to meet us. God turns His countenance towards us if we turn ourselves to Him. The Great Fast, with its discipline of prayer, fasting, and alms-giving саn bе difficult. Our repentant return to the Father in love саn make it а joy. The Great Fast should bе а time of spiritual joy during which we seek God and renew our lives.

The Great Fast is the traditional annual retreat of our Church, а holy time for reflection on the manner of life, on the evil of sin, and on the salvation granted to us bу our Lord Jesus Christ. Such is the disposition in which we must conduct the whole of our life. Let us live this way during the Great Fast while preparing ourselves for the festival of Easter – the annual celebration of our salvation.

We, your bishops, hope and pray that you may bе able to renew yourselves during this holy season. Also, let us continue to remember in our prayers and good works all the people of the world who need our help. We especially remember our brothers and sisters of Ukraine in their untiring struggle against unjust aggression.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Ье with all of you.

+Stefan Soroka
Archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainians Metropolitan of Ukrainian Catholics in the United States
+Paul Chomnycky, OSBM Eparch of Stamford
+Benedict Aleksiychuk Eparch of St. Nicholas in Chicago
+ Bohdan J. Danylo Eparch of St. Josaphat in Parma
+John Bura (author) Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia
+Andriy Rabiy Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia
Great Fast 2018